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John Banovich
Lionheart, 2005
oil on belgian linen
72h x 52w in
182.88h x 132.08w cm

“The lion’s journey from the bush to the palace began very early on as evidenced in the temples of Ancient Egypt.  This sacred beast has been revered as a symbol of all traits humans have come to admire – strength, courage, loyalty and protector. “Lionheart” imitates the beloved king as he has just left the throne and confidently makes his way through his kingdom.  I tried to capture a sense of his massive size and focused the viewer’s attention on the large ‘dinner plate size paws’ as they pad the path.” - John Banovich

When a king at the prime of his power steps down from the throne and parades down the aisle, he doesn’t walk so much as he swaggers. A pride male wears his mane like a luxurious cloak. His great sense of himself exudes confidence. Every creature knows he’s king and reacts accordingly as he approaches.