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January 11-14, 2024 - BOOTH #2315, 2515

“Art can move, reveal and inspire us to seek a deeper understanding of the world around us.” John Banovich

John Banovich is a longtime donor and supporter of the Dallas Safari Club, and is a “Partner in Conservation” with DSC to help generate funding for and awareness of conservation needs in wild places around the world.­­ DSC is a major contributor to BWF and host of an annual expo providing Banovich with a premier venue for exhibiting art to the public and together spreading the message of conservation. Through promotion, the artist has helped expand the DSC brand and event traffic for one of the world’s largest outdoor sporting conventions. 

Proceeds from Banovich artwork support BWF, providing essential assistance to many small-but-vital organizations dedicated to scientific research, habitat conservation and public education. Efforts are focused in Africa and the Russian Far East. BWF supports 12 projects in seven countries.

The Banovich exhibition will showcase the 2024 collection of John Banovich originals and newly released limited edition giclee canvases as well as original works by sculptor Mick Doellinger.  We are pleased to feature our Wildscapes Travel division to assist you with your journey of a lifetime. 

John Banovich will present his 2024 Original Paintings collection.